Stubby Holders/Coolers

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Deluxe Screen Printed Stubby Holder

Our best quality printed stubby holder with shark skin base. Screen printed in spot colour. 5mm genuine…

Budget Stubby Holder

5mm neoprene holder with shark skin base. Stitched seam. Product Size (mm):72(Ø) x 115(H)…

Standard Stubby Holder with Base

Standard Stubby Holder with taped & stitched seam. No overlocking, but optional with the deluxe stubby…

Deluxe Full Colour Stubby Holder

The best quality stubby holder in Australia. These are the most tried and proven in the corporate and…

Budget Collapsible Stubby Holder

Need a budget stubby or can holder fast & cheap. Try our budget best price flat packed full colour printed…

Collapsible Stubby

A Collapsible Stubby Holder is easy to take anywhere, and can be screen printed to advertise your business.…

Standard Stubby

Standard Stubby Holder is a great way to advertise your business. Price includes 1 colour 1 position logo print.…

Bottle Koozie

Bottle Koozi Drink Cooler  Product Size (mm):68(Ø) x 155(H) Materials:Zipper Closure Stitched Seam…

Fluffy Skinny Stubby Cooler

Product Size (mm): 68(Ø) x 125(H) Materials: Stitched Seam Short Soft & Fluffy Wrap Covering…

Long Neck Bottle Cooler

Long Neck Stubby Holder  Product Size (mm):86(Ø) x 226(H) Materials:Zipper Closure Taped &…

Can Wrapper

Product Dimension: 240mm(W) x 110mm(H) Flat

Short Bottle Cooler with Zipper

Short Bottle Cooler with Zipper  Product Size (mm):76(Ø) x 145(H) Materials:Zipper Closure Taped…

Foldable Can Cooler

* 3mm Neoprene * Folds Flat With Base* Taped & Stitched Seams ~ Foldable cooler 3mm,   

Skinny Bottle Cooler

* 5mm Neoprene * Shark Skin Base * Overlocking Top & Bottom * Taped & Stitched Seam * Perfect for Breezers MOQ 100

Foldable Can Cooler with Lanyard

* 3mm Neoprene * Shark Skin Base* Overlocking Top & Bottom* Taped & Stitched Seam  MOQ 1000 Pieces

Astro Turf Surface Can Cooler

* 5mm Neoprene with Astro Turf* Baseless and folds flat* Stitched seam

Water Bottle Cooler With Lanyard

* 5mm Neoprene * Shark skin base * Taped and stitched seam * Fits most 600ml water bottles * Metal ring…

Soccer Jersey Bottle Cooler

* 3mm Neoprene * Fits most small beer bottles * Soccer Jersey Style * Folds Flat

Singlet Bottle Cooler

* 3mm Neoprene * Fits most small beer bottles * Singlet Style * Folds Flat

Fishing Vest Bottle Cooler

* 5mm Neoprene (SBR) * Hunter Vest Style * No base

Footy Can Cooler

* 5mm Neoprene (SBR) * Football belly which suit 3 codes (AFL, NRL & UNION) * Shark skin base

Classic Cricket Jersey Bottle Cooler

* 3mm Neoprene (SBR) * Folds Flat * No base Includes a 1 colour print.

Soccer Jersey With Shorts Bottle Cooler

* 3mm Neoprene (SBR) * Stitched over taped on seam * No base

Long Sleeve Jacket Bottle Cooler

* 3mm Neoprene (SBR) * Complete jockey outfit * No base

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