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Perfumed tea light and Incence sticks

A personal gift of an aromatherapy set containing candles, ceramic holder and incense sticks in fragrances of…

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Australian made aromatic bath salts and bath crystals containing a specialised blend of natural plant oils and…

Aromatherapy Body Lotion Pump

Australian made body lotion formula, enriched with natural plant oils and essential oils renowned for their…

Aromatherapy USB

Long-lasting fragrance cartridge and care free operation make perfect use at work   Custom…

Aromatherapy USB

Refillable Aroma USB in dual color plastic. Preloaded with fragrance and ready to use with pull-to-use…

Bottle with 25 Scented Cones

Bottle with 25 scented cones and a ceramic leaf shaped holder, available scents are green tea, lavender and rose .

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