10 of the Best Printed Bags

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The best promotional products are the ones that your customers use repeatedly. A custom printed umbrella, for example, is something anybody can pick up and use. And of course, we all have that branded cap we wear to the gym now and again. But what if your business is looking for something a little different than the usual promotional merchandise?

Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Your customer base is unique, so if you choose an item that speaks to their particular demographic then the return on your investment will be better. Try to find something that’s tailored to your customer’s personality but that is common enough for anybody to use in their daily lives.

This is why printed bags are such an awesome way to get your message out there. Because there is such a diverse selection of them, you’ll be able to choose one that suits your brand, your customer’s needs, and is practical enough to become a useful addition to anybody’s routine. Read on to find out what bag is right for you.

10 Promotional Bags For Your Organisation

1. Shopping Tote Bags

Do you have a lot of products to sell to your customers, but they always forget to bring a bag to carry it all? Get your logo printed on promotional bags so they can go home stuffed to the brim with your merchandise. Best of all, you can get your address and phone number on there too so they can advertise your store the whole way home.

2. Sports Bags

There’s no doubt about it: We live in a fitness world. Every town in Ireland has a gym, swimming pool or sports centre, and just about everybody, from the postman to the parish priest is a member of a fitness club. Get your logo on some promotional bags for the exercise obsessed if you’re looking to promote your brand with the fitness crowd.

3. Rucksacks

If you have an outdoor client base who like to go hiking, camping or even just for a run, promotional bags to stuff to their spare clothes, snacks and other bits and pieces into will be the perfect accessory as the embark on their next big great adventure

4. Travel Bags

Summer isn’t the only time people go on holiday. Cheap flights throughout Australia & Asia mean that there’s a constant flow of people coming in and out of the country. If your customers travel a lot, and their trips are particularly business oriented, a printed promotional travel bag will really impress and show your brand at its best.

5. Toilet Bags

Sticking to the travel bag theme, a toilet bag will quickly become an indispensable item that your customers will never forget. Get one that matches your brand colours, emblazon your contact details on it, and your business will be on your customer’s mind no matter where they are in the world.

6. Laptop Bags

For the businessman on the go, it’s important to be able to lug around laptops, tablets and other technology of all shapes and sizes. Promotional bags for a computer is the perfect choice when you have an office oriented clientele who like to carry around hi-tech accessories in style.

7. Shoe Bags

Getting to work in the city is a pain any day. For those who have to spend hours in traffic, whether driving themselves or on public transport, it makes all the difference to have comfortable footwear on the journey. A bag to keep their shoes in is a great idea. Better yet, you can get it branded with your company logo – the perfect promotional product for those with a long commute.

8. Business Bags

We might be heading into a digital future, but we haven’t finished the move just yet. Even though any number of files can be stored on hard drives and in the cloud, companies and their employees are still reliant on good old-fashioned paper. That means when an office worker or student has a lot to carry to a meeting, you can come to the rescue with promotional bags to help them get there with ease.

9. Over The Shoulder Bags

When you want to tick every box on the list, you can’t go wrong with an over the shoulder bag. They’re as handy for days out on the beach as they are for important meetings. That means if you have a diverse demographic of clients and customers, it’s your best choice to make sure they’re all pleased.

10. Accessories for your Bags

Of course, if you’ve looked through all the promotional bags options and still haven’t found something that matches your customer's personality, there are still a million other ideas to go through. Think about what they want to put in the bag.

The accessories section in our promotional bags range is stuffed with things like luggage tags, security locks, eyes masks, pillows and much, much more. You might find that the hardest thing to do will be picking just one item to get your logo printed on.

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