Why Choose Mugs?

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Have you got a favourite mug that you use day in, day out? It may have coffee stains and a little chip, but you love it, and it makes you feel at home in the workplace doesn’t it? That’s why mugs are a great promotional product.

You may never have given its presence a second thought before now, but here at U Name it, we believe that they can be a very powerful marketing tool and a great promotional product! Research by the PPAI recently discovered that:

Cost per impression on a printed mug costs 8 times less than TV advertising
And 5 times less than newspaper advertising & 3 times less than radio advertising
…Wow! Therefore mugs are a highly cost-effective way to get your brand message seen – gaining invaluable brand awareness and maximum exposure!

Along with pens, promotional mugs really do top the charts when it comes to helping recipients be able to recall the brand message. They also lead the way when it comes to giving the recipient the ability to recall the advertiser’s details due to the very large print area, and the fact that they are always there, on your desk, at arm’s length keeping you full of caffeine!

They are also kept the longest, research has shown that when asked ‘’Thinking of all the promotional items you have, which one have you kept the longest?’ a resounding 18% of those asked had kept a promotional mug the longest.

So, want to get your brand’s message out there cheaply, powerfully and for a long time? Invest in gifting your marketing leads a promotional mug and you’ll reap the benefits!