Double Luggage Tag Sets

It's time to unpack your creativity! We developed our custom shaped, double luggage tag set to serve as a promotional product that can be a low cost, must-have item or souvenir to commemorate an event or promote a cause.
Delivered flat, it contains two double-sided, detachable luggage tags and two straps. When assembled, the strap is quite strong and secure.
Print a photo, patriotic symbol, logo, or just about anything you can imagine.Feel free to create the luggage tag in a custom shape. As long as the finished product size is the same, we offer the same printing cost! 
Multiple design orders are welcome! Create a series to commemorate special events and market them as “must-have” pieces of collectable art.

Produced in either PP or PET material, it is fully recyclable, has a low minimum order quantity and fast production time.

MOQ: Please Contact Us

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Star Shape Cards

  Custom shapes attract attention! In the loyalty marketing world, custom shapes instantly make a statement that the card issuer has a personality and wants to share the excitement. Place two cards in front of a consumer and the custom shaped card will almost always be the preferred choice.  Why? Consumers are tired of rectangles!  They have 10 in their wallet already!   Different custom plastic card designs, shapes and sizes help to communicate your company’s personality and are especially useful for event passes and badges, plastic signs and plastic luggage tags.    Your own custom shape or size can be used to create a special custom die to make your card truly unique in your market. Not only can the shape of the outside of the card be customized but also holes and slots can be included in your custom creation.   On the back of your card, list a few truly compelling special offers or discounts that your customer will be sure to appreciate. You could offer specific discounts, or use the card itself as a coupon by printing scannable bar codes on the back. One other option is to print plastic cards that have scratch-off squares on the back that reveal extra discounts or offers. You have a lot of possibilities when it comes to plastic card printing, so spend some time thinking about creative ways to market using your Custom Shape Cards.  

Combo Card With 2 Key Tags

  We provide several configurations of combo card key tags.They are very popular for uses in Club, Fundraising, Restaurants, Spa, Automobile, Library, etc. Each combo set contains a membership card with an attached key tag (or tags). The combo set is convenient because it offers customers the option of a space saving key tag or the ease of use associated with a wallet card. Your customers carry your custom printed card or key tag that helps advertise your business,while giving customer relationships and loyalty cards meaning.   To make your custom printed card eye-catching, we carry out our digital printing processes to create more vivid colors. Custom shape combo cards are also available. Send us an inquiry or contact one of our sales   

Luggage Tag

Besides helping passengers in identifying their bag among similar bags at the destination baggage carousel, our Green Luggage Tag is a valuable promotional product in your advertising campaign and enhances your corporate image. PETG/PET Luggage Tag is recyclable, wood-free and biodegradable. By using digital printing process, we can accommodate low order quantities and multiple designs in one order. These tags are bundled with PP luggage strap, which can also be printed with your desired design. They are small-sized, beautiful in design and easy to carry. Moreover, the Identification Panels are printed on the back side to write your name and address information. We currently have 20 different series of luggage tag design, such as Flag Series, Oil Painting Series, Christanity Series, and Festival Series, to name a few, There is at least 3 new series every month.  PETG 85x54 0.76 thick

Garment Hang Tags

Our eco-friendly garment hang tags maintain the integrity of the brand and reinforce product value. Hang Tags that are custom printed with your brand help your garments and apparel get noticed. Available in many sizes and colors to suit your needs. Add a string for easy attachment or without string to be used with a tagging gun and attachments.   We offer Mono Variable Data Printing on Garment Hang Tag . This includes barcode, serial number, model number, etc. We can also includeanti-counterfeit functionality on the hang tag,so that customers can be assured they are buying authentic merchandise.

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Custom cut tag in shape of a key. Eco-Friendly PETG/PET material for durability and strength. Size: 70mm x 30mm, 0.74mm thick.