Self Inking Stamp

Self Inking Stamps Available ina range of sizes 

Self Inking Stamps

Razor Sharp, Integrated stamp pad up to 20000 imprints, indelible, eco friendly INK colours blue, red, green, violet M Series - 37mm x 11mm to 98mm x 69mm Modico 6 - 63x33mm  Black, Red Blue

Self Inking Stamp ROUND

he ink pad is placed behind the printing plate which is made of a microporous special foamed material, that stays ink-permeable only at the unexposed areas. The exposed areas are ink-impermeable. If you press the stamp, the ink is being dispensed through the ink-permeable areas of the text plate onto the paper.?This is why there isn't…

Modico® Stamp Range

The range includes office stamps, loyalty card stamps, golf ball stamps and penstamps.The Modico® range can produce your stock standard stamps, but can alsoproduce photo-like quality images not seen before in an office stamp.

Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom Rubber Stamps including traditional, or self-inking stamps custom made to order. Price includes a self inking stamp (refillable), size of 90 x 30mm.