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Narja Nail Clipper Keyring

You can precisely trim toenails with Narja Nail Clipper, it is sharp, strong cutting edge and made of stainless steel. It has a piece of rough surface metal for smooth the nail edge, also has a plastic case to catch trimmed nails and slides open to remove for easy clean up, the straight blades on the clipper reduces risk of splitting toenails and prevent ingrown nails. An ideal promotional product for travelling and personal items.…

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Easy Grip Nail Clipper

Easy grip Nail Clipper available in black, blue and white color. Great for hospitals, nursing homes and more.

Colours: Black, Blue, White

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Nail Clipper In Case

Nail Clipper available in Blue, White or Black case with a bead chain attachment

Colours: Blue, White, Black

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Nail Clipper Pen

This nail clipper and pen combo is handy for travelling. Features: Nail clipper Pen

Colours: Silver

Sizes: Open 135 x 30 x 25mm;…

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