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Keep your clients clean and safe with one of our customised bag hangers. Choose from polished chrome, silver or brushed aluminium, we can then print, apply or laser engrave your logo to make a great personalised or corporate gift. 

Foldable Metal Bag Hook

Foldable Metal Bag Hook A portable hanger for your purses, backpacks, umbrellas, scarves, jackets, and anything else you carry that you don’t want to place on the floor to get dirty or left behind! Use the bag hook at home, work, or anywhere else to keep your belongings safe and secure. Non-slip grip ensures strength and protects surfaces such as a table or desk from scratching. Holds up to 15lbs. Ships flat and easy to pack – take…

Colours: Silver

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Black Paper Box for Hand-Bag Hanger

Black paper box for packing YP10014 and YP10014ABlack paper box as packing material made especially for our handbag hanger models YP10014 and YP10014A. The box protects the domed cover from being scratched during delivery and can be taken off easily.

Sizes: 6 x 6cm

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Contractible Handbag Hangers with Embedded Magnets

Shiny silver contractible handbag hanger with your logo/design of 1-4 spot by screen-printing or CMYK colors by UV digital on a 0.3mm aluminum plate with tape-back and with epoxy dome on top. Item is known as Purse Hangers, Hand-bag Hooks, or Purse Hooks, etc... When the hanger is contracted, the 2 magnets embedded in the hook and the body…

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