Shoe Horns

Shoe Horn and Shoe Brush

Item Size: 22.4 x 5 x 2.2cm Package: polybag

Sizes: 22.4*5*2.2cm

Shoe Horn

Package: polybag

Sizes: 3.7*1.5*20.2cm

Shoe Horn

Item Size: 15 x 4.3 x 0.3cm Package: polybag

Sizes: 15*4.3*0.3cm

38cm Back scratcher & Shoehorn

Get at those hard to reach clients! Our plastic backscratchers are available in assorted colors. They are a perfect promotion for chiropractors offices, medical offices, retirement homes, spas and more. Features a shoehorn on one end. Plastic.

Shoehorn With Shoe Shine

The shoehorns with shoe shine a top grade promotional shoehorn that is great to have with you when travelling! Your customers will never have to worry about wearing or maintaining their shoes clean even when they're on the go! The sleek and minimalist design is a great way to highlight your brand in this simple yet functional giveaway!

Back Scratch and Shoehorn

Material: PS Description: Plastic body, hand shape back scratch and shoehorn MOQ: 500pcs       RED or BLUE                      

Back Scratch and Shoehorn

This is a quirky but useful item to have at any home. The Back Scratch and Shoehorn aids with scratching those hard-to-reach areas, and helps you put on shoes all in one tool! Made from PS, and available in transparent red and transparent blue.MaterialAstroturfSize38x4.5x3cm

Colours: Transparent Red,…


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