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Care Key - Aluminium

Push and press proactively with the Care Key; in these precarious times, we must put our health and hygiene first!  With the stylus tip it makes tapping on your mobile, transacting an eftpos sale quick, simple & easy!  The Care Key protects your hands from public surfaces, keeping your skin bacteria free! Partnered with one…

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Friendship Bracelet

Laser engrave your company logo, motto, name or a personal health concern on our friendship bracelets. The silver name plate is simple yet rugged and ties onto an adjustable cord stip to fit most wrist sizes.

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Slice Set

Where’s the glamour in disposable, plastic cutlery? With the Slice Set, eating on the go has never been more stylish or environmentally friendly. A beautiful balance between practicality and design, the Slice Set reimagines the way we eat.

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Growth Charts

Kids love measuring their height and seeing themselves grow! These growth charts can be customised with a child's name or office location, phone number, etc. The charts are printed in full colour on a 320x1200mm smooth 160gsm paper and packaged into a custom printed box with clear plastic hangers. They can also be designed as a colouring…

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Keyper Case

Keep your keys organised, quiet and comfortable to carry! The Keyper is the perfect example of a gadget you didn’t know you needed, but don’t want to be without. Easy organise your keys without the rattling and jingling of your keys in your pocket, just flip out the key you need. Made of hardened stainless steel 420, this sturdy and…

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ZenLyfe Smart Tag Tracker

The Bluetooth smart tag is engineered to aid in preventing the loss of your valuable items including your Apple or Android smartphone, keys, luggage, pets or anything you’ve tagged. Download the free APP from the APP Store or Android Play Store and simply connect via Bluetooth. Features Take tracking your valuables to a new level with…

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