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Gemini Inverted Umbrella

Radical eight-panel inverted umbrella which will open or close 'inside out' through a building or car door while the user remains dry inside. The wet canopy closes inwards leaving a dry outer layer. Gemini has a unique soft-touch C-shaped handle which allows the umbrella to slip over a wrist, freeing up both hands to use a phone and still stay dry. It has a twin-layer, 190T showerproof pongee canopy with 62cm ribs. The inner layer has air…

Colours: Black/Red,…

Sizes: Dia 1000mm (open) x L…

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The Sky Inverted

High quality inverted umbrella, turns the traditional umbrella upside down, and inside out, easier to use and much more practical. Super simple to get in and out without getting wet, it makes a waterproof cone when closed — all the wetness stays inside, not on your floor. 8 panel double layer 190T pongee wind proof canopy with auto opening and manual closing, fiber glass ribs and metal shaft with black molded soft-touch rubber handle…

Colours: black, navy blue,…

Sizes: 58.5 cm ribs

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48 inch Auto Close Inversion Umbrella

Innovative inverted folding design: opens and closes ''''inside-out'''' making it easier to use when entering and exiting a vehicle and keeping the water contained and outer surfaces dry. Available in 2 colours Features: The umbrella can stand on its own when closed allowing the water to drain out to dry. Auto closing with push button pinch-proof runner. Dual layer pongee canopy.

Colours: Black, Royal Blue

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Shelta Reverse Double Canopy Umbrella 53cm

Umbrella 53cm Double Canopy Reverse SheltaFeatures 53cm umbrella Black fibreglass frame Manual open/close PU coated "C" hook handle Double canopy

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The Inverter Umbrella with C Handle

At long last, an umbrella with a real difference. The Inverter Umbrella is designed to open and close inwards, making it easy to get in and out of your car in the rain. This unique opening method also traps the water on the inside of the canopy, keeping both you and your car dry. This umbrella is constructed with an innovative ‘C’…

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