Bucket Hats

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 When clients want on-trend promo headwear for their customers, make sure you pitch bucket hats. This style is showing up all over social media and on celebrities, making it an absolute must for any business or organization that targets millennials and Gen Z. Remind your clients that since 69% of consumers own promotional headwear and keep it because of how it looks, it’s a worthwhile investment that will get their brand ongoing exposure.
What Is a Bucket Hat?

Very simply, bucket hats are soft hats that have a downward sloping 360-degree rim, and appeal to all ages and genders. They’re excellent for blocking out rain and sun, so they’re perfect for outdoor activities, from laying on the beach to playing golf.

Since they’re often made from cotton or canvas, make sure you ask clients if they’re eco-conscious. There are plenty of that you can pitch. Plus, this soft material allows for bucket hats to be easily folded, packed and transported wherever end-users need to go.

Although they tend to be more on the casual side, there are some luxury brands that have them as well, so don’t be afraid to pitch this style to high-end clients too!

10 Customers for Bucket Hats

#1 Company Stores

Make sure every company store with headwear has a bucket hat. Capitalizing on trends will only help increase sales. After all, the last things employees, students and customers want is promo that’s in outdated styles!

#2 Sports Teams

Fans love being decked out head to toe in their team’s apparel, and that includes headwear. While traditional baseball hats are a sports staple, bucket hats aren’t far behind. They can be worn in different scenarios, expanding the opportunity to spread more spirit!

#3 Schools

For high school and college students, bucket hats can be used as fundraising items to raise money for clubs and sports teams. These end-users want to rock exactly what they’re seeing on social media, so this should be an easy sale.

#4 Breweries & Beer Manufacturers

Activities when bucket hats are worn include fishing, picnics, beach days, amusement parks and so much more – all activities where a brew may be at hand. Make sure breweries and beer manufacturers have bucket hats to distribute to brand loyalists at all events and sponsorship opportunities.

#5 Golf

Whether for a tournament, bachelor party or just a regular round of golf, bucket hats are being seen more and more on the course. Ensure you’re pitching them for any golf-related business or event. If your client is looking for apparel, don’t be afraid to pitch this headwear as an add-on.

#6 Souvenir Shops

Calling all beach bums and trail hikers! Whether end-users are by the sand or in the mountains, they can use a bucket hat. Reach out to souvenir shops and make sure they have this stylish headwear option. Remind them to put it on display near the front of the store to attract passers-by. The bucket hat is the perfect useful promo and souvenir!

#7 Landscapers

Long hot days in the weather can be draining. Target landscaping companies to see if they want to provide bucket hats to employees. Whether rain or shine, these hats will protect them from the weather and help them get through the day.

#8 Delivery Drivers

When you’re driving, getting in and out of a truck and reading labels, you don’t want to worry about having to shield your eyes constantly from the sun. Recommend your clients with drivers provide them with bucket hats as a uniform option. They’ll appreciate the soft comfort which makes it easy for them to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

#9 Retail

There isn’t a trend retail doesn’t like. In addition to suggesting clients sell bucket hats with their logo, you can also suggest warehouse or home improvement store workers wear these hats while on the job.

#10 Outdoor Events

Put this hat to work immediately at outdoor events. Tell clients they can hand them out for free at trade shows, conventions, job fairs and festivals. Like sunglasses, this promo can be worn and used immediately. Think about all the exposure your client will get instantly, especially as attendees upload pics from the event on social media!
Article Credit: Abby Koss, ASI USA