Branding Methods

Please Note; the purpose of the below is to provided information on branding methods utilised by us when branding products. We do not supply transfers, or printing/branding services by themselves.


The machine presses a die into the surface of the material, resulting in a depressed logo. Often confused with embossing which creates the opposite effect (a…Read More

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing dyes directly onto fabric using ink jet technology. Great for full colour where a high level of detail is…Read More


The machine presses a die into the surface of the material, resulting in a depressed area around the imprint desired, so that the Imprint appears to be…Read More


Your logo or text is digitized into a tape. The machine reads the tape to stitch your logo onto the surface of the product. Usually includes 1 - 6 colours of…Read More

Epoxy Dome

Resin Domed Badges or Stickers are also known as 3D stickers. Resin Domed Badges have a 3D bubble effect and will make your quality product outstanding. Epoxy…Read More

Foil Stamping

During the foil stamping process, an engraved metal plate is required. It is fixed on a hot stamping machine. With high pressure and heat, the plate strikes the…Read More

Full Colour Transfer

Full colour transfers or digital transfers are produced on sheets, then applied to the product. It is a two step process where the printing is done separately…Read More

Laser Engraving

The logo or image is digitized then lasered into hard surfaces such as wood, metal or glass. Depending on the colour of the surface and the colour of the…Read More

Pad Print

Utilses a custom made pad to print up to 6 spot colors on hard or firm products such as round surface, balls and plastic or metal products. With soft products,…Read More

Plastisol Transfer

Plastisol Transfers are basically screen printed designs that are printed on a special heat transfer (release) paper instead of screen printing the design…Read More

Screen Print

Screen printing is one of the most common printing techniques. A woven mesh is used to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. The attached…Read More

Sublimation Print

A full colour sublimation print is a heat transfer method of imprint using heat-activated dyes that sublimate into the fabric; becoming part of the fabric, not an…Read More