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Understanding the Medium

11th March 2019

Understanding the medium: A product is just a product until it is linked with a promotion, it then becomes an advertisement. The most successful advertising campaigns are the result of a planned strategy and roll out. Throwing products at your target market without that planning is a waste your marketing dollars. The product is only one component in the whole campaign. The creativity used to illicit a response is the key to… Read More

The Power of Promotional Products - The Facts

20th December 2018

If you're in the business of promotional products, you know the impact they can have on an organisation's marketing efforts.  But do you know these fun facts about promotional products? Eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products. Fifty-three percent of these people use a promotional product at least once a week. Six in 10 of them keep promotional products for up to two years. Only one in… Read More

Promotional Products Organisations Should Use

20th December 2018

There’s no denying how effective promotional products can be for businesses at trade shows – and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in either. Why? Because the products are designed to get your name and branding in front of people, to help them remember you when they’re in need of your product or service. Nowadays there is such a wide range of promotional products available to give out at trade shows, so you’ll be… Read More

7 Rules To Pick Your Promotional Product...

20th December 2018

Everyday customers old and new reach out to 4Branding to get sound advice on what promotional products they should use for their business, but what makes a great promotional product? With 1000’s of lines available online, it can be daunting to get to grips with the options!  To help you, here are 7 golden rules for picking great promotional products: QUALITY Quality is remembered, long after the price is forgotten.… Read More

Why Choose Mugs?

21st November 2018

Have you got a favourite mug that you use day in, day out? It may have coffee stains and a little chip, but you love it, and it makes you feel at home in the workplace doesn’t it? That’s why mugs are a great promotional product. You may never have given its presence a second thought before now, but here at U Name it, we believe that they can be a very powerful marketing tool and a great promotional product! Research by the… Read More

Summer Promotions

21st November 2018

Summer season is synonymous with vacations, fishing trips, bar-be-cues, beaches, swimming and general outdoor activities. It is the end of school term and the beginning of a fun-filled time; for being out in the sun and enjoying the radiance of the weather. Summer is the time of the year that everybody loves and cherishes to be together with family and friends. It is also a good time for the marketers to take advantage and make their… Read More

Promotional Products Defined...

21st November 2018

4Branding Glossary of Terms to help  you understand what we're talking about! Blind Embossing: A design which is stamped in a promotional product without metallic leaf or ink giving a bas-relief effect. Business Gift: Merchandise given by a business in goodwill, without obligation to its customers, employees, friends and the like. Unlike promotional products, the business gift often is not imprinted with the… Read More

10 of the Best Printed Bags

17th January 2018

The best promotional products are the ones that your customers use repeatedly. A custom printed umbrella, for example, is something anybody can pick up and use. And of course, we all have that branded cap we wear to the gym now and again. But what if your business is looking for something a little different than the usual promotional merchandise? Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Your customer base is unique, so if you… Read More

History of Promotional Products

1st September 2017

The first known promotional products in the USA are commemorative buttons dating back to the election of former US President George Washington in 1789. During the early 19th century, there were some advertising calender's, rulers, but there was no organised industry for the creation and distribution of promotional items until later in the 19th century. Jasper Meek, a printer in Ohio, is considered by many to… Read More

The Best Mobile Phone Card Pocket

15th August 2017

The Microfiber Mobile Card Pocket is one of the best selling items. This promotional product has been widely used for promotional events, and suits many different occasions. We use soft elastic Lycra fabric for the front fabric which provides a flexible space for putting in different small items such as credit cards, earphones and keys etc. The touch on the outside is smooth and feels good in quality. The inside back is made of… Read More

Reforest Jute Bags are here

8th March 2017

New Reforest Jute Bags Have Arrived! Jute material is made from vegetable fibres making it a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic tote bags. While this has a long term benefit to the environment, we wanted to pair it with something more immediate and equally beneficial to the environment. The Reforest Jute Bags gave birth to a pilot program dedicated to replanting degraded land here in Australia.  For every 100 units… Read More

What is Infusion Printing?

1st March 2017

High resolution detail   Breathable and touchless decoration   Unlimited colour for one set up (no white print available)   Engineered for the summer collection and burnout favourites: Holt LS Tee, Sarek SS Tee, Garner Full Zip Hoody, Howson Knit Hoody, Northshore Burnout Tee, Ridgemont Burnout Full Zip Hoody and Lakeview Burnout Hoody   Perfect for retail-fashion looks Maximum logo size… Read More