Sustainability in Promotional Products

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Sustainability is one of the biggest promo trends of 2023, and for good reason. The environmental impacts of plastics and other single-use products are well documented, and consumers’ desires to make conscious changes to their buying habits are at an all-time high.

The most vocal and influential demographic calling for new eco-friendly legislation and more sustainable options are young people – college and high school students – especially having come-of-age in the midst of a climate crisis. One of the best ways to secure repeat customers is to instill a trusting relationship by speaking to their needs, and you can accomplish this by reaching a powerful demo in one of promo’s most lucrative markets, education.

Let’s take a look at some sustainable promo products that will be a hit on college and high school campuses:

Reusable Bowl Covers – With students’ busy schedules, they often rely on leftovers, meal prepping and takeout when it comes to eating, so silicone stretch covers for bowls and other food storage containers will help save on using plastic wrap and aluminium foil.

Storage Bag Bundle – Dorm rooms are often messy and crowded, so any sort of storage solution goes a long way. With reusable promo like silicone bags, they can hold anything from school supplies to leftovers. These are especially practical since they’re safe for use in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and even the oven up to 220 degrees Celsius.

Wheat Straw Keychain Set – Grabbing coffee or smoothies to go is a favourite social activity on any campus, but single-use plastic straws are wasteful and even banned in certain states. With a high-quality straw set attached to their keychain, they’ll always be ready to sip and go.

Ceramic Dinner Set – Giving their pantry an eco-friendly update is easy with sustainable-impact ceramics that have all the functionality of the average dinnerware.

Bamboo Utensils – Students have formed new habits of bringing their own utensils with them to save on using plastic forks and knives at takeout restaurants and the dining hall (especially when taking their food to go). Not only are bamboo utensils practical and built to last, but they look great as well. 

Drawstring Bag – Reusable, multi-purpose bags that are made from recycled materials, like the Cotton Drawstring Bags, are convenient and versatile options that students can take to class, the gym, grocery shopping and even weekend trips home.
Apparel – Eco-friendly apparel is becoming increasingly popular thanks to biodegradable, water-saving and climate-neutral certified materials from suppliers like AS Colour Apparel.
Other ideas – Since students are one of the largest demographics in the promo products industry, there’s no shortage of items you can offer them. Whether it’s something to make dorm life a little more eco-friendly, like a countertop compost bin, or a reusable water bottle/coffee tumbler to use every single day, if there’s a trending product that promotes sustainability, odds are they’ll be interested.
Article Credit: Erin Rolo, ASI USA