Understanding the Medium

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Understanding the medium:

A product is just a product until it is linked with a promotion, it then becomes an advertisement.

The most successful advertising campaigns are the result of a planned strategy and roll out. Throwing products at your target market without that planning is a waste your marketing dollars.

The product is only one component in the whole campaign. The creativity used to illicit a response is the key to increasing profits and promoting brands.

Local knowledge, experience and mistakes no company can afford:

4Branding understand cultural subtleties and differences that can be crucial in the success of a promotional campaign. We are experienced in all aspects of sourcing, importing and manufacturing promotional products. We are educated and in touch with the styles, trends, potential pitfalls, safety and international labour standards and the newest products on the market.

The risks of getting products directly from overseas are many, and as many marketers have found out, can cost thousands of dollars in mistakes.

These potential pitfalls include:

  • Sizing and quality inferiority
  • Late deliveries
  • Lack of duty, safety and custom requirements
  • Payment in advance without delivery guarantees
  • Cash flow challenges due to prepayment
  • Human rights infringements