White Mini Stapler With White Lanyard

15mmW White lanyard with White mini stapler with loop and dog tag clip attached. Approx. 25 mini staples inserted. Staple remover on back. printed 1 colour

The Bug Mini Stapler

Includes staple remover on back and standard staples.

Colours: Silver, Translucent…

Mini Stapler

Includes staple remover. Staple storage compartment and matching color staples. US Patent #D478,797 S

Colours: Translucent Blue,…

Full Size Stand-Up Stapler

Rubberized grips. Includes standard staples.

Colours: Translucent Blue


5-in-1 Desktop Kit

5-in-1 desktop kit includes a mini stapler, staple remover, staples and mini tape. Material: Plastic case

Colours: Clear, Translucent…

Staple Remover

An ergonomic pen style staple remover. White (3090), Blue (490), Red (490)  and Green (2490)

Colours: Translucent Red,…